"The Darkness Within EP"                                                           07/03/13

Launch Tonight




"The Darkness Within EP"                                                           06/03/13

Released on the 8th March



"The Darkness Within EP"                                                           05/03/13

Released on the 8th March




"The Darkness Within EP"                                                           04/03/13

Released on the 8th March 2013


"The Darkness Within EP"                                                           21/02/13

So you may have heard but 2 weeks today we are launching our new EP "The Darkness Within" at the Battersea Mess And Music Hall... Here's a video of us and some breathlessly talented musicians during the recording at Nevo Sounds Studio... Xx




"The Darkness Within EP"                                                           20/02/13


We're very excited to reveal the artwork for the upcoming "Darkness With EP"... It has been a collaborative effort from two close friends, both of whom are inspiringly talented Artists...  

Ellie is a collage artist who will be selling some of her beautiful works at our launch night (www.elgeary.blogspot.co.uk/)...  

Hazel is an amazing graphics designer who has created a serenely peaceful home for our songs (www.printedcloth.tumblr.com/#2)

Thank you girls Xx



"The Darkness Within EP"                                                           14/02/13

Released on the 8th March 2013




"The Darkness Within EP"                                                           08/02/13

Released on the 8th March 2013




"The Darkness Within EP"                                                           02/02/13

Released on the 8th March 2013 




"The Darkness Within EP" Launch                                              31/01/13

We're very excited to announce that we will be launching our new record "The Darkness Within EP" on the 7th March at the Battersea Mess & Music Hall... we're hoping to make this our biggest night yet and would love for you all to join us to help make this night special... tickets and pre-order of the EP are available now from here... and so it begins... Scott & Lyds x


Exciting Times                                                                               02/01/13

Hello 2013... we've got lots of exciting plans for the year ahead and we're hoping you'll all be there to join us for the ride!! We'd like to say thank you for all your support last year, to all the new people we met and to all the people who came to our shows and had a kind word to say, you guys are the best inspiration a band could ask for and we are forever grateful, Scott & Lyds Xx





 Basement Session #6                                                                  10/12/12

"Now this is a story all about how..."


Ginglik gig                                                                                      06/11/12

Here's the details for our gig with Du Bellows at Ginglik on the 8th November... It's a great venue (we saw Dry the River play there a while back) and we're huge fans of Du Bellows, plus they're fellow welshies from Merthyr Tydfil Xx



Easy on you ~ Official Video                                                         06/11/12

So here is evanjack's first official video for the song Easy on you, we had an amazing time shooting this video and would like to thank everybody who helped us in the making of this... hope you enjoy it Xx




The Green Note                                                                             11/07/12  

Here's a flyer for our gig on Sunday night at the Green Note in Camden... it's a beautiful little venue and the line up is sublime... come along and enjoy great food and chilled out acoustic loveliness Xx






 Basement Sessions #4 ~ evanjack                                              16/05/12


It's been a little while since we've done a Basement Session but we're now hoping to make them a regular thing with lots of special guests and collaborations coming soon... to get you back in the mood here's a stripped down version of Easy on you we did yesterday... let us know what you think and if you want to keep up to date with all Basement Sessions please subscribe to our you tube channel Xx 






Brixton Sessions                                                                            19/04/12

Here's a video for Words into Blindness we did recently with the guys from the Brixton Sessions.  It's filmed at the Bedford before one of our gigs there, check out their website for more great sessions.



Galen Wainwright Illustrations                                                       21/03/12


We were humbled to have the disgustingly talented Galen Wainwright illustrate for us while we were playing live recently and here are two of the drawings we managed to get hold of for our songs "The Long Walk Home" and "The Darkness Within"... beautiful, thank you so much Galen Xx





Shuga Buddha Gig                                                                         13/03/12        

Ok, work out of the way, it's the start a a busy couple of weeks for us... starting with this beauty tomorrow night!! Shuga Buddha at The Bedford... it's going to be lush!! You all know how much we love this venue, hope you can make it Xx





Eel Daddy gig                                                                                  07/03/12

Been rehearsing all day and now we're very much looking forward to playing this tomorrow night, it's FREE admission, what better way to make an early start to the weekend!! We're on at 9.50pm... Come and say hello if you make it Xx





Ronnie Scott's                                                                                   16/2/12

Here's the details for our next gig @ Ronnie Scott's on 21st Feb, it's a great line up and you get £2 off entry if you bring this flyer... hope to see you there 



 Ruined Minds



For Susan EP Trailer

Our debut EP "For Susan" is available now on iTunes... here's a little sneak peak of us recording it!!  Let us know what you think of it Xx


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